UK Insulation brand facing stagnant growth on Amazon
Family-owned insulation product brand based facing a sales plateau
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The Problem 

Despite positive reviews and continuous product launches, the brand faced a sales plateau on Amazon with their hero products. New product launches were also underwhelming.

The challenge was twofold: overreliance on a single top ASIN and perceived limitations in accessing diverse keywords. The brand had lots of untapped potential in multiple ad types, including Sponsored Brand Video and Sponsored Display ads. The brand's advertising strategy had not fully explored these options, and comprehensive keyword research was lacking.

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The Solution 

We took over in their low-season of summer 2023. A strategic solution was devised with a focus on top-of-search campaigns for their primary SKUs, integration of new advertising betas, and expansion of keyword coverage. While prioritizing top-selling SKUs, efforts were made to reduce dependency by extending marketing to lower SKUs.

During the optimization process, Sponsored Product's top-of-search campaigns were key, demanding careful monitoring to prevent adverse impacts on ACoS. The strategy led to increased product rankings and sales, both from advertising and organic sources. 

Identification of optimal keywords paved the way for expansion into Sponsored Brands and integration into Sponsored Brand Videos, yielding almost £1,250 in sales within the first two weeks, with continued growth as it reached a new audience of mobile shoppers. Through a strategic blend of advertising tactics and expansion efforts, the brand have come out of December with 112% year-on-year Amazon revenue growth, whilst keeping ACoS under 13%. 

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