Turned around declining sales and increased profitability for pet supplies brand
Turned around declining sales and increased profitability for pet supplies brand
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Pet Supplies Brand

A prominent Pet Supplies brand is a leading supplier of dog beds and accessories, faced with declining YoY sales in 2022. More competition in the market and higher CPCs had also led to the brand becoming unprofitable. The brand had worked with multiple agencies, only to find the situation worsened.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the company’s costs and developed targeted advertising campaigns aimed at reaching the client’s break-even ACoS as efficiently as possible. Through adding optimisation automation and budget management, we were able to reduce wasted spend and promote high-performing campaigns.

To further enhance the client’s online presence, we brought in hourly bidding optimization, to ensure no spend was wasted. We also implemented a phased approach and focused on laying strong foundations with sponsored products before moving on to sponsored brands and display.

The result was a remarkable increase in performance metrics. In months 2 to 4 we saw a 37% increase in Sales YoY. The brand achieved an ACoS within 2% of their target from Month 1. Our efforts improved the brand’s bottom-line and turned around the declining sales, allowing them to work again on expanding their customer base.


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