Reduced ACoS and increased sales 68% YoY for Home & Kitchen brand
Reducing ACoS for leading Home & Kitchen brand
Home & Kitchen Brand

The client, a prominent Home & Kitchen brand, had experienced a sales boom during the holiday season when they started advertising on the platform. However, in January, after the Q4 boom, sales fluctuated and ACoS started to climb to unsustainable levels. Our solution was to conduct a thorough audit of the account and identify where wasted spend was going. We suggested pausing campaigns for ASINs that were not performing, and by clearing out high ACoS/low order campaigns and bringing in bidding automation, we were able to push more spend to the best-selling products.

We also identified successful search terms and created hero campaigns for these products, so they had a chance to flourish with their own budget. By focusing our efforts on the top 4 performing ASINs, we ensured the account was optimised for ROAS. We also checked on the competition and created offence campaigns and brand defence campaigns to compete in the market.

The result was a significant 68% growth in sales YoY, and we were able to keep increasing the daily budget cap as long as we were still under ACoS target of 35% for the past 7 days. At points we had to slow down spend as inventory became the main limiting factor to sales growth.

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