Facial serum brand struggling to compete
Vitamin C Facial Serum company aiming to strive in a competitive market
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Vitamin C Facial Serum Beauty Brand

London based beauty company producing a range of facial serums. Their hero range is based around Vitamin C packed facial serums for women. The owners are veteran sellers and have been selling beauty-related products and supplements on and off Amazon since 2015.

The Problem 

Despite the specialty brand's extensive experience in the industry, the owners fell short in leveraging Amazon advertising to its full potential. Despite historical positive year-on-year growth they knew the market was being flooded with competitors, especially after the Covid e-comm boom. Competitors starting to lower their prices gradually and advertising costs were going up. The company knew they needed a proper ad strategy if they were to continue their growth in the very competitive niche. 

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The Solution 

The brand owners had an over reliance on vague keywords. Campaigns had been running for 3 years with no proper strategy behind them. 

We established a progression structure wherein promising keywords from the auto campaigns were segregated into Phrase campaigns. Upon observing positive outcomes in these Phrase campaigns, the respective keywords were transitioned into Exact campaigns. This approach guaranteed that high-performing keywords received the necessary exposure to flourish, driving sales and ranking. Coupled with a range of other core  changes related to budgeting, PAT campaigns & ad placements, we systematically followed this structure for 6 months.  

This resulted in a year-on-year sales increase of 43%. Although not a huge number at first sight, the average competitor was down 14% that year, so we knew we had surged in market share. 

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