Arts & Craft Book Publisher with profitability issues
Arts & Craft Book Publisher with profitability issues
Amazon Account Management
UK Arts & Crafts Book Publisher


  • Inefficient Campaigns: Existing advertising efforts were costly, generating low sales and an ACoS of 22% (considered poor in publishing)
  • Scaling Issues: Couldn’t seem to increase sales without increasing ad spend significantly.
  • Budget Headaches: Ineffective budget allocation led to wastage on underperforming titles
  • Underwhelming Launches: New launches seemed to have less impact than they used to


  • Keyword Research: In-depth keyword research identified high-converting, arts & crafts book-specific keywords to sharpen campaign focus.
  • Ad Campaign Restructuring: Restructured campaigns into granular units, providing precise budget control and ad group optimization.
  • Bid Management: Combined manual and automated bid strategies to ensure competitive bids for relevant keywords and cost savings on less relevant ones.
  • Ad Copy Optimization: Revamped ad copy to make it more captivating and informative, spotlighting each book's unique selling points.
  • Competitor Targeting: Analysed buyer behavior, user/reader demographics, experience levels to widen the pool of buyers and target ASINs accordingly.
  • Performance Tracking: Implemented a robust tracking and reporting system for real-time campaign fine-tuning.
  • Implemented Proper Launch Strategies: Set out keywords to target and gain indexing on and put in place strict budgeting & pricing protocols.


Increased Visibility: he publisher’s books garnered significantly enhanced visibility on Amazon, leading to higher click-through rates in the process

Improved ROI: Campaign optimization and bid management significantly boosted the ROI, driving ACoS from 22% to 14%.

Sales Surge: Sales of arts & crafts books witnessed substantial growth of 43% revenue increase by Month 4.

New Title Successes: 6 out of 7 launches were deemed a success. Over the previous year, it was very rare for title launches to be successful

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