Aggregator-owned sports equipment manufacturer facing ranking loss
Aggregator-owned sports equipment manufacturer facing ranking loss
Amazon Account Management
US-based Sports Racket Brand

A sporting brand specializing in tennis rackets, bags etc. based in Iowa, US. The brand was acquired by an aggregator in the February 2023 and they have ambitious plans to grow the brand into other sports including table tennis & pickle ball. 

The Problem 

The aggregator, who we had dealings with in the past, were struggling see any traction in scaling revenues despite a historically strong Black Friday period. We took on this client shortly after Black Friday. The brand had invested heavily in inventory for Q4 but had not seen the sales they expected on Amazon over this period. This led them into operating at a loss-making position as ad costs were spread so thin across units. Requiring the cashflow back for overheads, they entrusted us to get them back on track at a very late stage of the year.

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The Solution 

After some analysis from the team there was several core issues that needed addressing. To name a few - huge reliance on exact keywords, inefficient daily budgeting and ‘trigger happy’ campaign deactivation. All of these were leading to poor ad & organic sales. 

As the daily budgets were capping out very early in the day, we broad bids down accordingly to achieve a lower CPC (Cost Per Click). This freed up lots of ad budget to target other areas. Re-activating some deactivated campaigns at a very low budget opened up lots of new ranking opportunities for the brand. 

A flywheel affect came into motion and they gained significant ranking improvements which led to a surge of organic sales. This led to a 58% monthly increase in sales while reducing ACoS from 29% to 18% in the process.

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